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Bitcoin Scam Corner

Last update: 8 June 2016

There are dedicated places for Bitcoin scams but it won’t hurt to have that corner here as well.

Generally, if you are not sure if a place is a scam, check bitcointalk and reddit. There are now two subreddits on Bitcoin, /r/bitcoin and /r/btc (uncensored).

Poloniex Windows

8 June

Any email mentioning official Poloniex Windows app: Scam.

Fake Blockchain Info

24 May


11 Apr

Pywallet code available online via SourceForge since November 2015 was tampered with, it has a hex string that decodes into piece of code that steals Bitcoin. Clean pywallet repo on Github.

Scam seen on Reddit.

YoBit Withdrawals

29 Feb

Russian altcoin exchange and gambling platforms is having payout issues. Reported 28.2 although it is not the first time the Russian exchange has had issues with withdrawals.

HitBTC Verification

17 Feb 2016

Bad rumors are going around on Reddit about HitBTC. While anyone can tell liquidity is not good (yet?) there are good altcoin trading opportunities.

There also is a fine arbitrage opportunity since the EUR or USD price of BTC is usually above the market. Sadly, someone apparently tried this but was not able to withdraw the fiat.

It might only be a general mistrust towards offshore companies though. As always, it is not advisable to keep untraded funds in an exchange and best not to keep a lot of funds in one place.

Poloniex App

13 Feb 2016

While Bitfinex announced their own Android app, a new Poloniex app turned up as well. However this Poloniex app is not official. Poloniex has no official mobile app.

A warning showed up on Poloniex exchange that the app might possibly be malicious.

WARNING: There’s an impostor Poloniex app in the Google Play Store. Do not use this; it may be malicious. There is no official Poloniex app.
Posted by Quantum at 2016-02-12 17:33:12

Traders can use zTrader, TabTrader and the like, importing their API keys.

Darkwallet scam

11 Jan 2016

There is a malicious software claiming to be an updated version of Dark Wallet.

There is an update, the official website is, not (or anything else). Either way, darkwallet is still buggy, don’t put there real money. More on reddit

Is VirWox scam?

No. They just don’t let all transactions through. As for fiat, if VirWox close your account they also do full chargeback. It’s annoying but still, they are not here to get your money.

List of known bitcoin scams

Check out the bad bitcoin.

It is a database of all known Bitcoin scams. Someone reported they demand ransom for not placing a link on their site (if that's true is a question).

The Bad List

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