How to set up haasbot on ubuntu linux

Last update: March 08, 2016

Last update: 28 Jan 2017

Because not a lot has been written about how to follow the white rabbit on Linux, here is a post on how to set up and run a trade bot on Ubuntu desktop. You can either do that on your computer or on a Linux VPS. Get one with 4GB RAM, Ubuntu 12.10 or newer.

If you just want to try it out go for Digital Ocean or any other cloud provider that will bill you per hour and let you quit at any time. This referral link will get you 10 USD free credit on Digital Ocean.

Vultr is probably better as it will give you 50 USD free credit with this link. However you can only redeem it after linking a bank issued debit card - no virtual credit cards, prepaid cards or Bitcoin payments although these options are accepted for normal non-trial payment.


Now, the requirements for Linux version are not properly tested out. From our quick test setup on a quite weak Linux box it seems the Bitcoin trade bot doesn’t consume a lot of resources apart from its initial run and configuration.

Setting up a new Bitcoin trade bot is a big CPU hit because the trading server pulls a lot of historical data from the exchange. It will easily shoot up to 100% CPU at times so don’t run any other heavy applications.

Once the bot is set up and you are only viewing the dashboard (not rendering charts) it doesn’t need much though. The RAM is stable below 2GB.


You will need to message the mods on to get access to beta releases as the main release is Windows bot only. And indeed, you will need to buy quite an expensive a license to run the bot.

Download the Linux release and unpack it, then run the shell script it has in the main directory. On the first run you will need to install prerequisities, afterwards the shell script starts up the server silently. The interface is on localhost:8090 by default, so open it in a browser. You will need to confirm you license number and create your username and password.


You will need to get API keys and secrets from exchanges you will want to trade. They have all major ones for either Bitcoin or altcoin trading.

Some options might not be available, like for instance margin trading on Finex. If the API key doesn’t verify your chosen option is probably not available. (You need to set up different “accounts” for spot and margin trading, even though the API keys are the same).

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When your API key verifies find the option to create a new bot in the left-hand-side menu. It is important to set Insurances (so that you don’t execute trades that are not enough profitable to cover fee) and Indicator.

Momentum indicators like StochRSI work quite fine. Don’t overcomplicate it, you will need to backtest your setup later anyway.

The indicator settings will have a few options. If you want a scheme like “sell - buy back - sell - buy back” you can go with default. If you only want to sell, you only want the indicator to react on sell triggers which you can set up.

Last but not least set your trade amount (maybe some 20% of your account’s value) and your initial position. By this time your wallet will have been scanned so you will see your equity. If you want to sell and buy back, so as to earn more BTC, you need the trade bot to start by dealing with your BTC equity only. For that you need to set initial coins status as Bought. This way the bot will first wait for a sell signal. When the part of equity you set aside to trade is sold the status will change to Sold and your bot will start waiting for a buy signal.

When you are done you can activate the bot. It should show up in your Bot Dashboard.

And that’s it.

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