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28 May, Crypto Trading Tools
Repo of (not only) Bitcoin trading scripts, components and trading tools. Also data feeds for website widgets and datasets for backtesting.
15 May, Best places to trade with leverage
…and how much the price has to move to liquidate you. Careful, gamblers.
11 May, Exchange Reputation Website
There is a bot that collects daily comments mentioning most popular Bitcoin exchanges on Reddit and posts them on the website. These Reddit posts are then used for post updates, monitoring the current sentiment about each exchange.
1 May, Cash’n’Carry Arb Spreadsheet
How come that with futures arbitrage you never lose money, no matter what? Check the spreadsheet in here.


25 April, Bitcoin Futures Cash&Carry Arbitrage - Price Premium Chart.
Hopefully you’ve been all busy opening long positions over the weekend but if you care to try and arb your way to more fiat, here’s a widget that will help you do just that at Check this page, data collection every hour. All is stored in a database - OKCoin doesn’t provide so much historical data anymore so someone has to go start capturing the history independently! More on arbitrage with BTC futures and some dummy numbers to come next time.
22 April, Altcoin prices widget and API
There is a new JSON API with Poloniex data, coin by coin, updated minutely: If you’re blogging about altcoins you might use the widget that comes with the api. Or you can paste it into the code for last week’s Ubuntu widget if you understand code and the selection of altcoins by suit you better.
16 April, Ubuntu desktop TA Bitcoin chart
A piece of python code from Github that will embed a bitcoin chart into your desktop.So that you know the Bitcoin price right after your laptop starts up, without going to Bitcoin Wisdom.
10 April, It’s an ebook today
Trading in the zone by Mark Douglas. If you are a noob it will do you good.


27 March, Bitcoin lending returns WITHOUT bot
One months BTC lending earnings on a test account without the help of a lending bot.
18 March, Buying Bitcoin with debit card
One more point for decentralization. You won’t save much by avoiding margined places like Localbitcoins.
14 March, How to do altcoin arbitrage
Can you get over the fact it was added on Monday? Are you not a fanatical ETH fanboi - that is, are you willing to trade altcoins to get more Bitcoin? Anyway. Added cross-market altcoin arbitrage with some dummy numbers.

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