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Books for quants or soon-to-be quants

The following links should get you PDFs of books that deal with quantitative financial analysis in general, they are not specific to Bitcoin. The tips are gathered over time from quant forums and such, and are a good read.

If you cannot reach the files let us know, we’ll see if we’re able to get them from elsewhere. It already happened once.

For trading beginners

One of the soundest books about trading I’ve seen - “Trading in the zone” by Mark Douglas.

Link to PDF Download

The hard, cold reality of trading is that every trade has an uncertain outcome. Unless you learn to completely accept the possibility of an uncertain outcome, you will try either consciously or unconsciously to avoid any possibility you define as painful. In the process, you will subject yourself to any number of self-generated, costly errors.

As long as you are susceptible to the lands of errors that are the result of rationalizing, justifying, hesitating, hoping, and jumping the gun, you will not be able to trust yourself. If you can’t trust yourself to be objective and to always act in your own best interests, achieving consistent results will be next to impossible.

Especially well suited book for bitcoin trading

“Trading Chaos” by Bill Williams

Link to PDF download

The very good thing about this book is it contains a lot about psychology. Bitcoin markets give a whole different meaning to market irrationality and overreaction, even if you just hodl you should be prepared.

TradingView BTC Chart for Ubuntu desktop

Download on Github via altcointrading:

It is code snippet written in Python gets you the full technical analysis chart for BTCUSD on Finex. You will be able to change the chart type if you prefer simple line.

Next to the chart you will get a table with some major altcoins that are traded now, their BTC price and change percentage.

If you are not a TA guy you can use different chart than TradingView as they are most advanced. The code in simply embeds the content.html into your desktop. If you know a little bit of HTML and JavaScript you can edit the HTML file as you wish.

For instance has much simpler charts.

<div id="gobtc-widget-chart"
<script type="text/javascript"


Bitcoin Qt

Free Bitcoin trading platform introduced in 2013 via BitcoinTalk forum.

Links to download over there.

CoinMama - Bitcoin and ETH with credit/debit card

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Zero-Fee Bitcoin Trading in Japan

Easiest way to buy and sell Cryptocurrency | Coincheck Bitcoin

Hardware Wallets for Bitcoin and Altcoins

Bitcoin-Gold Market

Bitcoin & Altcoin Trading Charts

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