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Web or apps / Reddit

  • The image: It’s like 4chan found a Bloomberg terminal wait no that’s actually /r/wallstreetbets sorry
  • The reality: Sound information in the daily discussion, healthy skepticism, mods distinguish between community bonding offtopic posts and fluff offtopic posts. No memes, no bots. FUD occasional but strong. Bonus: If you mention an exchange name two or three times in a comment someone from support will come over as they all have a mention monitoring API.
  • Good to read: Polycephal_Lee, YRuafraid, OracleSeven, chewtoy, jeanduluoz, yolotrades, Merlin560
  • Link: /r/bitcoinmarkets

Telegram / Whaleclub

  • The image: Crypto heavy but we trade the pulse of whatever is moving (BTC, Forex, Oil, SPX500, Equities)
  • The reality: Bunch of guys riding the ego trip.
  • Good to read: Theo Goodman, BTCVIX, MrJozza
  • Link:

List of these and all other communities

It’s mostly bitcoin communities but you’ll find altcoiners too, most notably a monero group. Most of the communities are on telegram.

The largest crypto trader groups:

Bonus: The first rule of /r/wallstreetbets is you don’t talk about bitcoin.

wallstreetbets and bitcoin - legacy investors feeling salty

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Bitcoiner communities and chats
Bitcoiner communities and chats

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