2 Crypto Communities to Join in 2018

crypto - 2 Crypto Communities to Join in 2018

Cryptocurrencies have blown up all throughout 2018, and you must become a part of it. If you have not heard all of it, then this is the perfect moment to join the massive movement of the cryptocurrencies. Here are 2 Crypto Communities that you should definitely consider joining in 2018:

As for today, we find ourselves being in the digital era, everything that we do is strongly tied up with social media, and the importance of the number of followers, members, and supporters that you might have, on a website, such as Telegram, Slack, Instagram. To be able to spot on a good community to be a part of and with digital currency, you have to:

Make sure they have engagement, honesty, presence, sense of motivation and positivity, for it to be a safe environment, and last but not least, relevance. Having all of this in mind, we move on to the communities that you should join:


By far the most known and famous cryptocurrency. This pioneering blockchain crypto, has some ride-or-die followers, making it the biggest and most important network to be a part of, and if that doesn’t sound good to you, they have some important and large-scale influencers.

bitcoin pocket - 2 Crypto Communities to Join in 2018

The influencers of this network, make us realize and understand why its top-of-the-list, other networks just focus on making money and profits to keep it all to themselves


This very interesting network, it got its name from the doge meme, how creative is that?  Even though they have gone through a rough journey, they keep on proving the importance of giving value to the community. No one ever expected the impact and the amount of growth that this network would get

They have made a name for themselves by having many sponsors. The biggest one so far was a dodge-themed NASCAR event. The DogeCoin community often donates money to the people in need, making one of the best communities to be a part of.

It doesn’t matter which one you decide to go for, both are well-known networks that are sure to make this experience, something that you won’t regret.

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