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Last update: January 05, 2017

To come: Who robs you the most on exchange rate when getting paper money out of Bitcoin VCC?

The best Virtual Credit Cards:

What are virtual credit cards for

They are actually debit cards to correct it right from the start. Somehow it is common to all payment cards credit cards though, especially if you are not from America or any other country where living on credit is common. These debit cards are prepaid cards similar to those you get with some e-wallets (like Skrill).

With some providers, however, you can opt for virtual card only. That means you will not get a parcel or letter with the actual piece of plastic. You get your card number and CVV per email. Fine if you travel a lot and have no permanent address.

You can use those for online shopping but more importantly, you can link a virtual card to a Paypal or Skrill account and withdraw money on it.

With Skrill you can also deposit money on to Skrill with a debit crad, if it is verified.

You probably get the idea that virtual prepaid cards are convenient for verification of your e-wallet accounts like Paypal.

How to use virtual cards

Virtual cards are fine to get fiat money instantly if you trade Bitcoin and profit. Let’s say you bought 1BTC, price went up so you want to sell and buy back, but you also want that cash profit.

Here’s what you can do with prepaid Bitcoin cards:

-> Move 0.14 to your Bitcoin card wallet address while the price is high and top up your credit card

-> Sell the rest of the coin and buy back as planned

With Advcash and you have to keep track about this conversion yourself (how dear you sold).

No way with Shift Payments / Coinbase

There is a U.S. Shift card connected with Coinbase though which will only convert the coins as you want to spend them.

Shift will keep a report on the profit/loss you made.

That follows the Coinbase strategy to make the use of Bitcoin a “no-brainer” while the original thought was more like “be your own bank and take care of your money yourself” but oh well.


With Advcash you will pay about $1 for the top up, the fee for withdrawing with SEPA from Bitstamp is 0.9EUR. There is no such fee on though.

Witchhunt against prepaid cards

The caveat is that it is becoming a rare occurrence to find an online merchant accepting prepaid cards. The reasons are obvious, prepaid cards can be obtained without identity verification.

So you might run into problems when shopping with them online, especially when it comes to hosting, domains and similar businesses where fraud is common.

Also the gambling industry doesn’t accept prepaid cards as widely as it once has.

Plastic cards are hassle-free if you can get them

Another scenario though is when you want to safely spend your Bitcoin earnings, for instance from LocalBitcoins. You can get a verified plastic prepaid card, load it with coins and then withdraw cash from an ATM or pay in brick and mortar stores. That should be quite seamless. review and good-to-knows is a service widely used by the Bitcoin community. All you need to sign up is an email address and indeed topup in bitcoin is supported. There is no fixed BTC address related to your account, when you need to send in money you get a one-stop receving address that is only shown for a few seconds. Once your bitcoin payment got 6 confirmations you can spend your coins. is based in the UK and currently unregulated, that means there would be no need for AML/KYC. The company chose to comply with them anyway though. That is reasonable to keep a low profile. The policies are pretty standard, you need a photo of your ID and proof of residence not older than 3 months.

The virtual card only costs $3 though so if you just want to verify a paypal account, go for it, it’s a no brainer. There are no monthly fees apart from a text message info service for $1 monthly. Canceling a card is paid, too and there are some transaction fees. You better check on directly since fees tend to change.

News - March 2016: E-Coin is now Wirex

Starting March 2016 gets rebranded to Wirex, new homepage will be The new version of the VCC service should have a number of new features, like possibility to add a bank account and a mobile app for Android and iOS.

There is also mentioned “a tool” to overcome the Bitcoin volatility by locking a value of Bitcoin before topup. In fact, it is only the thing that e-coin will allow you to hold fiat (that is, you decide when you want to sell your Bitcoins and you can spend them any time in the future). (See it explained on Reddit)

This functionality is not available with Coinbase / Shift card that only allows you to hold Bitcoin and convert at the spot price the moment you want to make a card payment.

In this, both and AdvCash already have a serious edge over Coinbase / Shift, which we already mentioned in sections on how to use VCCs and what are the differences between brands.

If you already have an E-Coin card:

If you want to see the app as soon as possible, sign up for beta test access here.

What has E-Coin to say as for the reasons to rebrand:

Without naming names, E-Coin (and its variations) is also the name of one country’s alternate cryptocurrency. It is the name of an alternate coin-bitcoin digital currency exchange platform, a fast-food administration page, an online shop specialising in beauty products, and even a rare coin in Super Mario World. We wanted to move away from E-Coin. Our company name is Wirex Limited. Therefore, we decided to make things simpler and call ourselves Wirex. Full post

Wirex is a London-based startup that raised $186.6K funding in November 2015.

Headquarters: London, England
Description: Wirex is a hybrid personal
banking platform combining
blockchain technology and traditional finance.
Founders: Dmitry Lazarichev, Pavel Matveev
Categories: Financial Services

AdvCash prepaid cards

On AdvCash, things are much similar to

What is significantly better on AdvCash is the verification system:

The limits and fees are friendly as well.

Basically the common practice is followed here: You verify as soon as you sign up and nobody will ever bother you again. An unverified account with a lot of cashflow naturally attracts attention and will be required to verify. You need an ID, proof of address and a phone number to get verified.

I cannot help but it sounds far more reasonable than a flat AML/KYC bothering everyone. Sign up here.


AKA ewallets adopt for Bitcoin.

Moneybookers & Co

Moneybookers is now known as Skrill and for many years it was the way to deal with transactions if you were in a country without Paypal. For businesses it was also more convenient since their transaction fees were lower, especially for businesses moving around a lot of money which qualifies for Skrill Gold, Silver or Bronze plans that come cheaper.

Nowadays Skrill is still a popular payment solution and ewallet and as such, doesn’t support Bitcoin at all. Even to the extent that accounts engaged in Bitcoin business might be shut down.

Nonetheless there is Neteller, a payment solution that was competing with Skrill until 2015 when Skrill was bought by the company that also owns Neteller:

Optimal Payments Plc (LSE: OPAY), the group behind the popular NETELLER payment solution, has just revealed it would buy rival Skrill Group (Sentinel Topco Ltd) for a sum of about 1.1 billion euros in order to expand its online services.

Skrill is one of the largest online pre-paid cards providers in Europe with its paysafecard brand. Its shareholders include CVC Capital’s Sentinel Group Holdings SA, Investcorp Technology Partners and others. Back in August 2013, CVC acquired a controlling stake in Skrill for €600m from Bahrain-based Investcorp.

Both Neteller and Skrill are now part of the Paysafe Group, the issuer of prepaid cards.

~ How to buy Bitcoin with Skrill?

Neteller has no Bitcoin restrictions, Bitcoins are officially listed on the website as a deposit method with 5% fee which is at a level with other deposit method’s fees on Neteller. Note that you shouldn’t keep any money on Neteller as they charge inactivity fee. But if you want to “sell Bitcoin” in other way than to a bank account and use the fiat right away to buy something, Neteller is a good way to do that since Neteller payment might be directly supported by the place that you want to pay. Neteller and Skrill is used for online payments, on merchant sites and also in online casinos.

Check current Net+ fees here.

[Still Rumor] Paypal

As for Paypal there has been an unconfirmed rumor in fintech circles that Paypal is undergoing an internal restructuralization and is notifying the potential of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. However all information has been unconfirmed, what’s out was more or less generic speak like that Paypal is considering integrating Bitcoin payments and implementation is in the making (no results yet).

In May 2016 another rumor started spreading, and that was that Paypal is filing a patent for their own Bitcoin and altcoin wallet.

paypal bitcoin integration

It seems though that was a hoax as fintech organizations are more focused on blockchain technology as a way to spread information immutably and instantly.

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