Buy Bitcoin with Credit or Debit Card

Back in the day buying Bitcoin with debit card was nearly impossible. The fees went sky high as card payments are reversible by their very nature. The nature of credit and debit cards will never change. But luckily a technology making debit card payments less susceptible to fraud has advanced.

The method is called Simplex.

  • It is an advanced fraud analysis, meaning that if you use a prepaid card it probably will not go through. That is an often false positive with fraud detection.

  • An advantage is that on your debit or credit card transaction statement the payment will be listed as a payment to Simplex. If your institution is not keen on Bitcoin, this is an advantage.

If you are looking to buy Bitcoin with a Visa or MasterCard issued by a bank, and your current IP is the of the issuing country, you are good to go.

The transaction fee is still a bit higher than usual though: just about anywhere 12%.

247 Exchange


On CoinMama you will get 5% discount on your first order if you verify your account. To verify on CoinMama you need to send in your ID.

They support Visa, MasterCard, Western Union, Perfect Money and other. Your order goes via the Simplex form, it should be approved or declined within 20 minutes on working days.

If your order was marked as fraud though you are not a fraudster, you can contact the Simplex support. Probably you will be asked for some more identity verification, like selfie with your card.

That is a bit of a hassle but Simplex really is the safest way to do credit card payments for coins nowadays.

Dummy order

This is how it goes on CoinMama.

  • Register at CoinMama

  • Verify your account. It will take a few hours.

  • You will get an email with a coupon for 5% discount. That coupon you can apply when making an order.

  • Place an order.

  • This was order for 1 BTC placed with the 5% off on a day when market price was about 410 USD. You see the fee for yourself.

Dummy numbers

Compared with current online users at LBC buy online listing page to buy Bitcoin for eWallet fiat. That is generally the most expensive option since the coin seller is taking on the risk that you will do the chargeback.

Fair $410 -> real $468 with fees
Fee: $58 ~ 14% of fair price

Fair: $410 -> real $456
(lowest, 100% positive 70+ voices)
Margin: $46 ~ 11% of fair price

Also take into account that LBC transactions are instant, done in a moment. And, you don’t need to spend days waiting to be verified. LBC is the winner here.

Localbitcoins and Paxful

If you are looking for a decentralized option you need Localbitcoins or Paxful.

Paxful is not so well known as localbitcoins but it is a very similar service. You will even see the same sellers on Paxful like on LBC at times. Search is a little bit better there though, on Localbitcoins the emphasise is really on local trades - cash or bank transfers.

Online and card options exist on both LBC and Paxful though.

By the nature of the beast you will be able to buy Bitcoin with debit card and credit card without verification - if you have reputation. Without reputation you will need ID - either go with it (on LBC internal correspondence gets destroyed after 90 days they say) or build reputation by selling BTC first.

You’ll do best by using their search as they have a lot of options.

A generic listing for debit cards here gives margin as high as 30% now but fish for a while, you will find better deals.

Here I was searching for prepaid debit card.

Margin of 27% was the best I could get for this payment type. But you see that seller requires some verification before trading with noobs. Let’s see what it is.

Not surprisingly, a picture of ID.

With credit cards you might also be lucky. Here the seller has a 10% margin which is relatively good. Remember that sellers are real people, they go to sleep at some point so if you keep missing good shots try it at a different time of day or night next time.

If you have been trying to find a way to buy Bitcoin with Skrill and you have their debit card it would be good to keep track on prepaid card listing as well. This and CoinMama are your chance to get Bitcoin for Skrill money too.


Bitsquare launched in 2016. It is novel in it you don’t trade via a website, you download their app, fill in your location and the software will fetch traders who are matching your location (or the location of your money).

That is the most decentralized option you have these days, no AML/KYC of course, or at least not on behalf of the platform.

Bitsquare does what webshops used to be in the dark ages of the internets - you needed to download the client because nobody had the idea of setting up the shop on a web server. Well, these days we have web servers but because of politics it is most effective to go back in time.

The liquidity is what it is but it is worth to spread this good idea to hopefully help it to catch on.

Download Bitsquare at

Other ways and workarounds

It is no joke to buy Bitcoin with credit or debit card, and it is no joke to buy coins with Skrill.

  • If you get issues because you have a prepaid card, like the one of Skrill, buy on P2P places like Localbitcoins. More in this article.

  • If you have a bank issued debit card, you should be able to move your fiat to PerfectMoney. There are no chargebacks on PM so it is generally a bit easier and cheaper to buy coins for PerfectMoney.

  • With a bank account you could also verify at AdvCash and top up a VCC with that money. A transfer to crypto is then easy. More in this post.

  • If you don’t want to verify and don’t want to link your bank account to your coins, for whatever reasons, you will have to use an exchanger. PerfectMoney has their list of officially supported non-scam exchangers but don’t fall for the trap of trusting a user stealing the name of the exchanger operating on Localbitcoins or elsewhere. Exchangers only operate through their website.
  • The Coinomat exchanger can even get you BTC-e vouchers so that you can buy BTC yourself on BTC-e.

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