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About Bitfinex

JL van der Velde, iFinex Inc. (On the featured picture)

Domain name:

Registrant Name: - Jean-Louis
Registrant Organization: iFinex Inc.
Registrant Street: NA
Registrant City: Road Town
Registrant State/Province:
Registrant Postal Code: 00000
Registrant Country: VG
Registrant Phone: +62.9963419

Bitfinex is owned by the HongKong company iFinex founded in 2012.

Since some time ago Bitfinex plots charts from but they were taken off during the rally at the end of May 2016 since they were lagging one hour. Use BitcoinWisdom when you trade.

You can do exchange or margin trades and you have the standard possibility to do market or limit orders. To short Bitcoin you can use P2P lending system for margin trading on Bitfinex (read more on that further down). Bitfinex uses the maker-taker system and has very low fees.

You cannot open buy and sell position simultaneously on the same market (for instance, to hedge a short ETHBTC position) - opposite orders get filled from one another. The way to do this hedge is to open positions on CoinBTC and CoinUSD markets. You can use any coin or fiat that you have in your trading account as a collateral to borrow any currency you need.

If you have a margin position on a market that involves USD but you want your profit in a coin, you can use the CLAIM button.

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