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Last update: January 28, 2016

Most people will head Localbitcoins when they want to sell some Bitcoin for Paypal money.

That’s a good idea especially if you are a regular there. Localbitcoins is a lot about trust and building a relationship. That said, some guys will always decide that once they have someone trusting them enough to do a large volume trade it is the best time to scam them and ask for a PayPal refund.

It’s called risk management, man.

As always when risk like this is present best thing is to diversify. Set up a few channels and spread the same activity through all of them.

You might stick with making a few smaller transactions on Localbitcoins. Still there are also other options of getting PayPal money from Bitcoin.

Bitcoin LTD

A UK-based one stop shop for selling Bitcoin. The voice of Reddit is positive about Bitcoin LTD. That’s good because the minimum you can do here is 0.5 BTC.

Only USD fiat payout is available. In January 2016 there was a 5% improvement of the forex rate since payouts in GBP or EUR were being put offline. (Or is it still there?)

Fee is flat of $1.50 (no further Paypal fees). There is no registration. Only thing you do is type in your Paypal email. The website will generate a Bitcoin address for your transation, send the coin there. Paypal bill should be settled in a few minutes - 5 hours the latest.


CoiniMal is an Austrian broker that supports both Paypal and Skrill. It is also the place where you get vouchers for Bitcoin.

You see that for Paypal payouts via CoiniMal you only need to register and verify your email address.


Certainly not sure whether guys from ChangeTip would want to see this but it is possible to tip yourself and then withdraw the tip onto your PayPal account. If you want to get something like $10 it could come handy. ChangeTip

Ledger Wallet protects your bitcoins

Bitcoin OTC

For those who use IRC, there is a channel #bitcoin-otc partnering people who want to sell Bitcoin (in any way) with those who are looking to buy. Check out the Bitcoin Over-The-Counter website


Bitwala is a way to pay invoices from earnings in Bitcoin. You probably see there is a potential here.

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