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Last update: December 18, 2016

If you live in France, after the Paris attacks in 2015 you will find it difficult to send money from your bank account to a bitcoin exchange. Many accounts have been closed because of the supposed connection between Bitcoin and terrorism.

In Europe, for now you will be safe with German, Slovenian and Polish banks for sure. Banks in Norway or Estonia have reportedly no issues with Bitcoin either.

Keep reading if you think you are not lucky enough to have it easy like that because you are not in Germany or Poland.

How to get a German bank account

Now, do this while it lasts.

Getting a traditional bank account in Germany often needs having a job and a residency there.

There is a new German bank though that doesn’t have this in their terms and conditions.

It is online based and comes handy also if you travel a lot since they have no fee on ATM withdrawals worldwide. It is called NUMBER26. You can sign up for a waiting list, they will get back to you in 2 weeks.

The identity verification happens via a skype video call. You have to repeat whatever you put in during the registration and show them your ID (that’s why the waiting list, most likely).

The only caveat is you need to have a delivery address in Germany. You don’t need to ever visit Germany, speak German, be German or have a job and residency there. It is just that NUMBER26 is not able to mail you your debit card outside of Germany.

Which means you google “mail forwarding Germany” and find a service that will pick up your package and send it to you. Be sure to ask the customer service if there have been problems delivering this type of letters to your country. In some countries NUMBER26 letters don’t pass the customs any longer. (Do this while it lasts, really.)

Ledger Wallet protects your bitcoins

Places where you can buy BTC with SEPA, once you have the account

If you want to trade Bitcoin, you will also be OK with SEPA on any major exchange. It is a default option for big exchanges like Bitstamp or Kraken. These big exchange will want to verify you first but you will get lower exchange fees (about 0.2%).

Bitstamp as of January 2016 supports buying with debit card and prepaid cards as well.

But SEPA payment is generally a very safe option. On Localbitcoins, the peer-to-peer marketplace, it is one of the options not so easily abused by scammers so go for it if it fits you.

Then there are two relatively new services that will get you Bitcoin with SEPA transfer:


Multisigna looks very good for people with OKPay accounts or possibility of SEPA transfer. The flat fee is 4%. There is no AML or KYC since Multisigna doesn't own your money. It is a variation of Localbitcoins, peer to peer transaction. Available markets are Fiat/BTC and ETH/BTC.

If you hurry up you will get a 0.05 BTC bonus on your order!


CleverCoin is a Dutch exchange that accepts SEPA, iDEAL and credit cards. Their AML/KYC policy is stealth. You will not even be able to withdraw Bitcoin until you send in your ID and utility bill. This is quite unusual, AML/KYC normally only applies on fiat currency deposits and withdrawals. You also need to be located in EU to use CleverCoin.

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