block - 2 Non-Blockchain Cryptocurriencies You Should at least Know Already

2 Non-Blockchain Cryptocurriencies You Should at least Know Already

Even though, the blockchain is an undeniably innovative idea and invention, some people rather to work and to have their cryptocurrencies without it.  If you happen to be one of those people, fear no more, here we bring 2 non-blockchain cryptocurrencies you need to know:


This cryptocurrency became the first at being non-blockchain in 2012. It was first created by Sergio Lerner, who became the first to ever suggest changing the use of blockchain in exchange for SAG.


This specific type of server offers many advantages. Here are some of the most important ones:

Double-spends in the current DAG-chain are Accepted

The basics of cryptocurrencies turn out to be that when two transactions are conflictive, one will always overcome the other, when this happens, the dominance depends on how big the transaction is, which basically means the number of other transactions that refer to said transaction.

cellphone - 2 Non-Blockchain Cryptocurriencies You Should at least Know Already

It also prevents transactions to mix with other transactions, which can be of a lot of help. When working with this system you want to avoid at all cost, transactions from mixing with one another.

Preventing Unbounded Cascade Updates to Confirmation Scores

This basically means the updates are banned on the computer system through checkpoints, which are considered the transaction that has direct or indirect references.


This up-to-date cryptocurrency, it is mostly based on Tangle, which turns out to be based on SAG. That basically makes it have a lot of similarities with DagCoin, and some people will even consider it to be better.

IOTA says that they have basically solved with Tangle, many of the issues that Blockchain presented. Such like:

Centralization of control: which is a very known issue, that is basically about when a few miners that the full control of the operation.

Not being able to make micropayments: this is a normal problem of the cryptocurrencies that basically come from the charges of the transactions, that at the end supplements the overall value of the small payments

With all of this information being known, you can go on and decide which of the previously mentioned non-blockchain cryptocurrencies are better for you.

bitcoin - The How - Margin Trading with Forex

The How – Margin Trading with Forex

A fundamental concept for any initiate in the business of Forex is controlling and having a proper administration of their currency. Some of the more advanced brokers in Forex have been pulled one or two tricks that can help any initiate start in the business of online exchanging.

One of the most basics secrets in Forex and how to participate in a more effective trade in Forex is by having a margin account, let’s take a look about what is a margin account, how does it work and more importantly, what are the benefits of having a margin trading account.

What’s A Margin Account?

Now explaining a margin account can be difficult to explain in a simple way. But the concept of a margin account is an account that serves as a way to return on investment and has more control about your money, is often used by investors that want to invest in equity but they also want to have more control about their capital.

man - The How - Margin Trading with Forex

How Does It Work?

While this whole process is difficult, the most advanced traders and investors that know the value of their investment are often seeing protecting his capital. And with the use of a margin account, they can focus in return their investment to possess a little more control in their exchange.

Is worth mentioning that this process is not limited for investors since there have been a growing number of brokers that are using a margin account for their Forex trades and deals.

What Are The Benefits Of A Margin Account In Trading?

The primary benefit of a margin account is to control the risk in both parties. To put it in a more simple way, a margin account can serve as a lifesaver for both parts in their deal, by controlling the margin percentage in the margin account, is usually about 1%-2% of the main investment.

A margin account is used alongside brokers around Forex since it has been showing a great success in their deals. If you want to become a successful broker and learn more about the use of the margin account, I suggest that you acquire the assistance of professional brokers that are available for your service.

bit1 - High Frequency Trading and Forex - Are they Compatible?

High Frequency Trading and Forex – Are they Compatible?

Now, in the Forex trading and Exchange world, many methods exist on how to use and change the many different foreign currencies available with every Exchange. And since we are talking about Forex and the overall behavior of each crypto exchange and broker at the moment of using any trading strategy, today we are going to talk about a specific type of strategy.

What’s HFT?

The trading strategy that we are going to take a look today refers commonly as “HFT”. This, of course, is short for “High frequency trading” and it has become quite a sensation among the most successful traders and exchangers of Forex, alongside the many other brokers that are trying to figure out how high-frequency trading works and the best appliance of this method.

bitcoin and laptop - High Frequency Trading and Forex - Are they Compatible?

What Are the Problems Regarding HFT?

HFT has been known in the stock market and has become quite popular since then. It wasn’t too long for this trading style to make its way to Forex, where this method was gaining a lot of popularity, mainly it was negative since most of the brokers call this method unfair and that it can cause instability in the market.

These allegations are rather understandable since it is common to see algorithms to take orders quirkier before any potential trader has the chance of seeing the offer. This, of course, can make some disturb in the platform since it can cause a flood in the orders that can lead to confusion between the users.

And for all these troubles, some FX institutions have come to the conclusion of taking actions against any algorithm that can cause any disturbance in the orders. And with these actions, it means that the HFT is in danger of going away in Forex.

But of course, HFT has proved to have a lot of benefits for experienced traders. If you are starting out in Forex you might not know about these processes. Lucky for you, you can contact professional brokers and exchanger in the platform of Forex who can teach you about the business.

What are the Best Trading Platforms for HFT?

Choosing the best Forex trading platform for High Frequency Trading can be difficult.  In today’s technology driven world there are so many to choose from.  But High Frequency trading is unlike any other trading technique, so it is important that you have the proper trading platform to trade on. 

MetaTrader 4 is a popular Forex trading platform for HFT.  This is primarily due to it’s MQL4 computer programming language.  It is easy to use and allows the Forex trader to do anything they want with the platform.  

But, one of the main drawbacks of MetaTrader 4 is that it is clunky and outdated piece of Forex trading software.  No matter how quickly and fast you optimize your trading strategy it just will not be fast enough. 

For this reason we recommend using an API connect and building a platform on the back end.  A Rest API or FIX 4.2 / 4.4 will be your best bet.  These types of programming languages provide traders with the fastest Forex trading possible once combined with a Virtual Private Server.