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Bitcoin Trading Bots: Good idea? Bad idea? - Is it a good idea to get a Bitcoin trading bot?

Buy Bitcoin with Skrill - The fastest, the safest and the cheapest ways to buy BTC with Skrill.

Weekly Dummy Numbers

Every weekend there will be new post update announced with dummy numbers: a sample trade, sample arbitrage, a demonstration, tool or a use case. Because we all trust a little more in raw numbers.

2 July: EMA Crossover Stats

This is surely something that shouldn't become lost in the guts of the Internet. Redditor and trader /u/MillerMan6 has been testing the profitability of EMA crossovers as an entry signal. He found out that the profitability changes a lot with time: In some situations the BTCUSD market favors EMAs that are similarly slow, in some other situations you will be better off with the EMA combo where one is much slower than the other.
He made a post on this here, notifying users that this only holds for last 3 months.
The following day he added more data to show how changeable the market is (and that there is not one universal strategy or entry point to hold on to!) - here.
If you are looking to start Bitcoin trading head over to BabyPips to learn how to trade the EMA crossovers.

All the last month and older Dummy Numbers links are here:

Dummy Numbers

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Profit-taking 09 Jun 2016

These days, when many keep claiming 595 USD is the max price BTC will ever see this year there might be a pressure to cash out. Let's see if there are quick and painless ways to do that.

What the hell is The DAO 24 May 2016

Chances are you heard about it. Maybe you were even long on ETH or thinking about getting DAO tokens...Because everyone talks about it right?

Best Exchange to Trade with Leverage 14 May 2016

Margin trading is getting popular...Well, you will see from the numbers it is not so far from gamble.

Bitcoin Trading: Entry and Exit Points 26 Apr 2016

Entering a trade is usually based on some technical analysis. But Exiting it?

High Frequency Trading in Bitcoin? 12 Apr 2016

Someone brought up HFT on a Bitcoin sub on Reddit. What is it and is it happening?

Bitcoin Lending Reloaded - BTCJam 08 Apr 2016

Thanks to lending bots lending out for margin traders is getting less profitable. Try BTCJam though.

Cold Storage 2016: Best Bitcoin Hardware Wallets 04 Apr 2016

We already have a post on Bitcoin wallets. But now that hardware wallets in particular are getting cheaper...

Investing & Locking the Value of BTC 09 Mar 2016

Bitcoin is volatile, have you thought about hedging it?

How To Set Up HaasBot on Ubuntu Linux 08 Mar 2016

HaasOnline Bitcoin trading platform is mainly available for Windows but you can get a beta Linux version via their forum.


Best Bitcoin Exchanges

Looking for a place to exchange fiat money to Bitcoin? We have quite a list for you.

Don't just go for any big name you spotted maybe on a banner. Each exchange has its perks. Your choice will depend on how much information you want to share with the exchange at all.

By and large transactions from eWallets are not widely accepted. It has a good reason – these are easily reversible in a time window of several days after completion. You always have this option on Localbitcoins, but be careful. You can always get scammed, and not always by new users.

On exchanges mostly you are only able to do a bank transfer. For that you need to confirm your real identity. If you stumble upon an exchange that has the absence of identity confirmation and advertises it as a valuable benefit on the homepage, possibly you have found a scam.

To be on the safe side best is to check Bitcointalk forum and The Bitcoin Bad List

How to buy Bitcoins with Skrill or Paypal

Skrill and Paypal are both well-known e-wallets.
Skrill has couple more neat features though - sign up is fast and easy, fees relatively low and withdrawals very easy. You can even withdraw your funds on a Visa debit card.

The disadvantage is that Skrill payments are easily reversible.

When you are dealing with an unknown person who buys Bitcoin from you, there is always a chance they will reverse the payment. The Bitcoin transaction is irreversible so you will end up screwed.

The Skrill chargeback policy is such that even withdrawing the money in cash will not save you from chargeback. Once the sender cancels their order the money is sent from your account, if the result of that is negative balance you have to send in the money to cover that debt.

All these are problems with selling Bitcoins for Skrill cash. If you want to buy Bitcoins with Skrill cash, you are safe. But count on a higher price of the coins since the vendor puts himself in high risk.

Read more about the fastest, safest and cheapest ways to buy Bitcoins with Skrill

About Bitcoin Trading

Bitcoin is great for speculations.

That's right. But if you are fairly new in this you might want to start slowly and read yourself smart first.

Quite generally one can simply say that what you want to avoid is panic buying (Rising!! What if it will be $10 000 next week?) and panic selling (Man I gotta get rid of this shit no matter how cheap).

Trade with your extra money. Not with money you need for rent. Only trade money you can afford to lose. And take it easy! For every loss you make there will be chance to earn it back. There's always more where the money came from.

Before you start trading, here's what you should know:

Best Bitcoin Wallets

There is a tradeoff between security and usability

While Electrum is fine for everyday use, it uses centralized servers and by the way it operates it is possible to tell Bitcoin addresses of the same wallet. It is also possible to associate an IP address with the transactions. With the amount of Bitcoin transactions it would be hell of a job to find you, but still - relying on this is security by obscurity. If that is not good enough for you but you still want to use Electrum, generate separate wallets (File > New/Restore) and use VPN when doing transactions.

Read more about Bitcoin Wallets

Bitcoin Wallets for cold storage

If you want to have a kind of savings account on a laptop you don't use anymore, go ahead and get Armory on it. The setup is a little complicated but is the only equivalent to a hardware wallet. But remember that a hardware wallet is easier to use and lighter to carry around, of course. They cost as little as 20 EUR, it might be worth it.

  • Read more about Bitcoin cold storage
  • Read about hardware wallets (updated for 2016)
  • Send Bitcoin to a Prepaid Virtual Card

    Prepaid virtual credit card, as they are called, are debit cards that you can top up with Bitcoin.

  • Learn more and get 25% discount.

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